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Dreams in the Golden Country

Destination and Success

Destination and Success
Why did people immigrate to America?
Immigrants and How They Came to America

In the late 1800's to early 1900's most immigrants settled near the port of entry. People who were diseased were quarantined. Cities where people would settle were:
  • Chicago
  • Cleveland
  • Buffalo
  • Detroit
  • Milwaukee
  • Wallington
  • Only about 2% of immigrants moved to the south.Immigrants who had a job earned about $5-$10 a month in 90 hour work weeks.



  • Employment
    • In the case of African Americans, employment was plentiful, but it came in the form of slavery
    • Most Scotch Irish became frontier farmers
    • Some were able to rise in the world, such as in politics
    • Immigrants could obtain jobs at:
    •  Dry Cleaners
      • News Stands
      • Grocery Stores
      • Machine Shops
      • Garment factory  
  • Education

    • In the case of slaves, the only real education was that of life on the plantation. It was incredibly rare when a slave learned to read because the slave owners knew that it would be easy to keep in charge of the slave if they became educated and the slaves did not
    • Types of education they could recieve were:
    • Children got education after coming to America
    • Parents and elders got no education
  • Only in America